For some reason, I never thought I could be a candidate for a refractive surgery; dut I decided to go for an exam to find out and that is something I will never regret.
Margret Thordardottir
I love to be able to put on my helmet and take a trip on my motorcycle without having to wear my glasses!
Astridur Jona Gudmundsdottir
The surgery was so much easier than I expected. I was watching television without glasses for the first time five hours later. Being able to buy just any pair of sunglasses for the first time, is great.
Omar Orn Adalsteinsson
What an incredible difference it is to be able to take photographs, go to the gym, and put on makeup without the inconvenience of glasses.
Asdis Jorundsdottir
Two things stand out: I no longer need to wear glasses to watch TV and I belive firmly that my golf playing ability will improve a lot!
Ragnar Bogason

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